Money and the Financial System

ChapterPost DateTitle
1An Introduction to Money and the Financial System04/16/18On the Distribution of Wealth
12/01/14Your Friend FRED
05/27/14Economics helps people live better lives
2Money and the Payments System06/11/18Banks and Money, Or Watch out What You Wish For
05/14/18Finance and the Blockchain: A Primer
04/23/18Universal Central Bank Digital Currency?
02/19/18The Stubbornly High Cost of Remittances
12/04/17Bitcoin and Fundamentals
11/13/17Cash is king, but $100 bills are for crooks
07/31/17Modernizing the U.S. Payments System: Faster, Cheaper, and more Secure
07/24/15Are we overestimating inflation (again)?
08/04/14Has paper money outlived its purpose?
08/21/14Measuring inflation: Signal extraction redux
3Financial Instruments, Markets & Institutions05/07/18Banking the Masses: 2018 Edition
04/16/18On the Distribution of Wealth
11/06/17Banking the Unbanked: The Indian Revolution
06/12/17Fintech, Central Banking, and Digital Currency
04/17/17Revisiting Market Liquidity: The Case of U.S. Corporate Bonds
01/23/17What Bitcoin Has Become
12/05/16Better capitalized banks lend more and lend better
11/07/16A Primer on Securities Lending
03/28/16Making Markets Safe: The Role of Central Clearing
01/25/16Can Margin Requirements Imporive Financial Resilience?
08/17/15Bond market liquidity: should we be worried?
06/29/15Poking Bigger Holes in China's Great Financial Wall
06/15/15Dodd-Frank: Five Years After
06/01/15Banking the Masses
04/13/15The mythic quest for early warnings
03/09/15Finance is great, but it can be a real drag, too
09/08/14The Yin and Yang of Shadow Banking in China
05/29/14Trade repositories: Still far from the "risk map" we need
04/14/14Central Bank Money Without Inflation?
04/09/14An Idiot's Guide to High-Frequency Trading